Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aha! Practise story 1...

The cranky old Math teacher loomed over Alex as he gazed blankly at the window, and the freedom that lay beyond.
“Alex!” he called - his voice cold and sharp - to no avail.
As Alex stared at the blue skies, he noticed that he could not see any animals, no birds, no squirrels, and no little critters scurrying about, nothing. It was as if they had been scared away by some great beast, or so he imagined.
The old man slammed his hand onto the desk, quickly Alex’s head snapped to him, instantly alert.
“Welcome back,” he said mockingly “Maybe you can explain to us, if the coefficient of determination for this scatterplot is 0.8081, then how would you interpret that in terms of the variables rainfall and percentage of clear days?
Alex examined the scatterplot, an array of dots with a single line running through them, placed on top of a graph.
“Eighty point, eight, one percent of variation in rainfall is due to the variation in percentage of clear days,” He said casually, it was a rather simple question “am I correct, Mr. Wells?”
The cranky man scowled and turned to Alex, suddenly leaning in close and whispering, “You got lucky this time Barticel, but I will catch you eventually, even if you are among the brightest I have in my group” he said that last part with the slightest hint exasperation.

Mr. Wells raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration as he continued on with the lesson, and Alex continued his imaginings of a large, furry, tusked creature, prowling about the yard, he could almost see it in his mind, devouring small birds with relish.

After a time, and many a scolding from Mr.Wells, the lesson came to a climactic close when the principal walked in and asked Alex into her office. They walked through the hallways, silent, as ever-watchful eyes peered through doorways, wondering and whispering about what Alex might have done. He was bewildered by the event, he had never been called into the principal’s office before, and he had never even received a detention in his four years at high-school, despite Mr. Wells’ apparent loathing of him.

They continued through the hallways sullenly for what seemed like a decade, everything seemed to move in slow motion, as Alex noticed small flickers of motion and an incessant tapping noise. But whenever he turned my focus towards these subtle imperfections, they seemed to fade and blend naturally, appearing as if they would normally.

We approached the head office; Alex’s head hung low to hide his rage, pondering all of the slight atrocities that he may be accused of, there were two things that Alex hated more than anything in this world, firstly was injustice, pain, or any other bad feeling being placed upon those he cared about, and the second was being accused or punished for something he did not do or had no knowledge of doing.

The principal came to an abrupt halt at a tall set of double doors, which were conveniently placed at the end of the hall, surrounded on either side by ornamental pot plants. What had given her the inclination to place those there escaped Alex, as they were the ugliest looking plants he had ever laid eyes upon.

With a slight cough, the principal gestures Alex to enter, her bony fingers curling in an unsettling way. Alex stepped forward, cautiously entering the room and taking the seat that faced the desk. The Principal took the opposing seat, and was silent for a moment, as if she was beckoning him to start talking, and that he did.

“Mrs. Servillius, I don’t quite understand why I have been called to the office, I don’t believe I’ve committed any atrocities,” Alex said with as much courtesy as he could muster “so may I please receive some light on the situation?”
“Mr. Barticel, it pains me to have to be the bearer of bad news,” She said discontentedly “but it seems that I must”

She sighed deeply, several moments past, as she looked at Alex, something flashed beneath her eyes, but it was so sudden and abated so quickly that Alex did not catch its purpose, he was very cautious now, assuming that it was a flash of malice and that she was restraining herself for something, which meant that something big was coming, unfortunately.

“It seems that you parents,” here she hesitated “have been in an accident –“
She was cut off by a sharp knock at the door, a particular pattern, a thin smile crossed her lips as her eyes returned to Alex, who was bone-white, staring blankly and shivering uncontrollably. He met her gaze slowly, and saw the glee in her eyes.

“It seems that our time has been cut short, it is now time for your demise young sir” she said before raising herself from her chair.

Alex rushed to the door, tipping his chair over, but as he tried the handle in vain, he knew that the door was barricaded. He turned back to Mrs. Servillius and his eyes widened in terror, where she had stood only moments before, stood a large, ghostly figure, with elongated and sharpened fingers that were attached to thin and bony arms. The creature’s torso was covered with a heap of rags, no legs were visible beneath - the creature seemed to hover just slightly off of the ground. No features were visible on its stark face, save for one eye, offset to the left of its ‘face’. Extensive white hair was billowing uncontrollably as a strong wind swept within the room.

“Slay him Hervanulous,” Mrs. Servillius’ voice came coldly “But do not damage the body too much”

A harsh laugh was followed by a ghostly “Yes mistress”.

Ahh hello fellow blog-derek-writing-people i give you my fairest of greetings, it being a while since i posted and all :)

I hope that you all managed to have a WONDERFUL Christmas and New years, and anything else that lay before, after, or in between.
It would be greatly appreciated if i could get some honest feedback on this, thankyou, oh and sorry about it being so short, i simply didnt have the time or the inclination really, to make it very long....

Thanks for reading,


  1. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'M SCARED!!!!!!

    WOW! AMAZING! I love it Alex! But now I must know what happens next! :O
    I hope there is a next part. This is an epeic begininng you must continue! Thanks for sharing! :P

  2. AWESOME ALEX! I like the fact it's in a school but still exciting things happen! AMAZING!

  3. Awesome Alex!

    I'm not sure if we've met, but I'm Lunar, any way.

    I wish something exciting like that would happen at my school!

    Only, you know, not being attacked by an evil headmistress.

    So... When's the next part up?

    I want to read more!!

  4. There is going to be another part... right?

  5. haha hopefully there will be, thank you guys for the niceties that you have provided :)

    Pleasure to meet you lunar, have you read my other stuff at all?

  6. And dragona sorry about before if it seemed i was angry with you i wasnt, i left a comment explaining myself :)

  7. *waves to Alex*

    Don't forget about ME!!!!

    *jumps up and down trying to get Alex's attention*

    *screams crazily as she falls through the rotten floor*

  8. By the way. You ARE missed! Very much so by several people here!
    ...and I check your blog quite often in hopes of catching you here. (check Messenger too!)

    Come back to us soon!

  9. Awesome! I have been missing your intelligent and descriptive style of writing recently.

    This is a cool plot...can't wait for more.

  10. Sorry ive just been extremely busy and stressed i can never stay on for long, so most of the time i just read :S

  11. Awww....Sorry to hear you are stressed Alex!
    *gives Alex a great big hug*
    Nice to hear from you though! I hope the stress goes away soon. :/

  12. I don't know how to reach you anymore. You are not forgotten by any of us here, but missed. I pray for your happiness everyday. Would like to see them answered.

  13. ALEX!!!!
    Come! Check it out!

  14. hey alex! love it as usual! oh how we have missed you and your creative writing!

    aww! derek read everyone's fan-fics except for mine *wails* whyyyyy cruel world why????? i shall never be happy again!!!!

    *listens to tv* that the national television awards?
    and sherlock is a nomination?

    *zooms away leaving chair spinning by laptop*

    lol loved it alex! can't wait for more! and necros is gonna be in the next part of my story, i promise ;D

  15. Haha thankyou guys, im happy that derek managed to read my deplorable prologue :P

    I would be really happy if he managed to check out how the writing changes over the course of those 5 "parts" :)

    And thanks skylara, i look forward to your writing as always :D

  16. *growls at Alex and leaps on him and gives him a noogie*

    Your work is NOT deplorable!!!!
    It is wonderful exciting writing that is beautifuly done and intelligent!
    After reading fanfics like yours I feel happy and don't feel that I need to go buy another book at the bookstore until Derek's new book is out.

    Don't put yourself or your incredible stories down Alex or I'll beat you up with my banana gun! >:)

  17. This story is intriguing! Unique writing style to the other stories but I will enjoy finding out how the stry ends up. Refreshingly different.

  18. haha, different in what way, more observant?

  19. Alex. Last time we talked on messenger my comp froze. By the time I restarted it you had left. I'm very sorry. I was talking with Lizzy too and just leaving you a message about it to see if all three of us could chat on the blog.
    Wish it would have worked out. :/

    Anyhow. I'm sorry about that.
    HAve a good day. Try and get cooled off! :P


    *shoots him with a bazillion cupid arrows and showers him with chocolate kisses*

  21. Alex. I am pretty sure that you need to post again. :P just sayin'

  22. Haha ive been busy man. Year 11 is killing me...literally..

  23. Alex. Something more hppened then my comp freezing. I lost the whole internet. I checked on my parents computer too. It has happened before so I knew how to fix it. It took a bit of time, but I got it working again. sorry I was cut off from you.
    It's getting late so I must go. I will be back on my computer tomorrow night.
    Night Alex.

  24. Alex! My computer finally allows me to read your site again!

    How's the Bartimaeus series going? Did you know there is a fourth book? The Ring of Solomon.

    I just finished it.

  25. Um yes you do I remember now. I've been meaning to ask this for sometime but I want to talk to you about your poem.

  26. Because you've been waiting for so long and I feel guilty for not writing it yet.

    Plus I'm not sure what it should be about yet.

    And my GCSE's are killing me. So um yeah.

  27. Awwww MAN! Everyone is being killed by thier studys and exams! Anybody else have a problem with this!?!?!?!?


    Alex! I'm on my parents comp right now an can not use messenger here.
    I'll be around a little longer. Hope I can chat with you here, Hellboy's blog or the overflow. :)

  28. OI!!! HAndsome ALex! Here's a toast to you!
    *raises up a clas of Bailey's Irish creme*
    OooooooOOOOOoooooh! SooooOOOOoooooo gOOoooooood!!!

    *teeters about unsteadily and shouts*

    KISS ME! I'M IRISH!!!!


  29. Haha thankyou :)

    If you want to read the ACTUAL story im working on here are the links:

    Prologue (SHORT Back-story for my character)

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

  30. Alex.

    This man here, is my, IDOL xD

    His name's Beardyman. He's a beatboxing, DJ-ing, covering, comedy man Music Artist.

    I gtg, but you MUST WATCH THE WHOLE THING :DDD It's freaking awesome, and i thought you;d enjoy it, seeing as how you were wanting to be a DJ when you were older.

    God, what i would give to own his CDJ's....or at least get a proper look at them...

  31. Haha That looks mad hellboy, yeah i think im getting CDJ's in a few months, once i save enough youth allowance to get them :P

  32. :D Ok, Octa, cool!

    I wish i could afford CDJ's. Although, i'd probably just annoy the heck out of everyone :P